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decoesque002017.jpg decoesque002016.jpg decoesque002015.jpg decoesque002014.jpg Juventino Lopez Reyes modernist sterling silver bowl
Juventino Lopez Reyes
H: 2 5/8" x W: 6.5" x 6.5"
Andre Dahl
H: 1" x W: 10.5" x d: 6.25"
German Art Nouveau Jugendstil brass box
H: 1" x W: 3 1/8" x D: 1 5/8"
Samuel Huygens French Art Nouveau Swans vide poche
Huygens Samuel
H: .5" x W: 4.75" x d: 4 5/8"
Olivier Lelievre Art Deco Flower Urn vide poche
Olivier Lelievre
H: .5" x W: 4 3/8" x 4 3/8"
German Art Deco bras and wood cigarette Cowboy  box
H: 1.75" x W: 5" x d: 3.75"
Antoine Nelson Art Nouveau spelter maiden on red marble base
Antoine Nelson
H: 17.25" x W: 6.5" x 6"
William Hutton, Ruskin 
H: 8" x D: 3 7/8"
with handles & spout: W: 6"
Juventino Lopez Reyes modernist sterling silver pair of candlesticks
Juventino Lopez Reyes
H: 6" x D: 3.5"
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decoesque002018.gif Andre Dahl Art Nouveau bronze vide poche tray with William Hutton & Ruskin Art and Craft pewter teapot with 5 inset ceramic crystalline glaze medallions